Co- Sanc

About Co-sanc


CO –SANC is not a new charity, but is a new animal shelter and adoption centre relieving existing charities like Friends of the Cat, Friends of Rescued Animals, Sterischeme, Four Paws, ARRF, Angels rescue, Paw Power,Paws-R-Us, Pawsome and various organizations working with ferals, of excess animals.


This is a unique concept as it allows us to be both pro – life and scientifically run.


We do not take animals directly from the public, all our residents are rescue cases that animal charities have taken to our associated veterinary clinic – Bluebush Animal Clinic.


We face the huge challenge therefore, of turning the saddest, sickest and most severely injured rescue cases into lovable healthy adoptable pets.


Pro – life charities are often criticized for overcrowding and spreading disease.

At CO – SANC we take every measure possible to avoid this.


We keep mostly cats as they are easiest to house properly although we have homed some dogs and other animals already.

Every baby animal is hand raised to over a kg. in weight and we do not hand out tiny unsterilized and unvaccinated babies.

All our cats and kittens get vaccinated, de-wormed, treated for external parasites, micro chipped, sterilized and tested for FIV, FeLV.and suspicious cases screened for FIP

They also get routine urine and faecal tests.

They are quarantined for a week before offered for adoption.

All sick animals are strictly quarantined and treated.

We will always take back any CO – SANC animal, even if it is ten years later: we consider this our responsibility as we saved their lives in the first place.

For all of this we only ask a R600.00 adoption fee.


If you unable to adopt but would still like to help our great cause you can do so in the following ways:


* Food Donations are always greatly welcome, without seeming fussy on donations we currently use the following types of food Propac, Mongeto cat food, all brands of wet food in both tins and pouches.


* Donations of Cat litter, we never have enough as litter trays are cleaned and sterilised on a daily basis.


* Bedding and scratch posts.


*Cleaning Materials


* Building & Maintenance Materials


* Priceless donation, Reliable & Regular volunteers:

   - To help at the shelter,

   - Foster parents for raising and taming,

   - Handy Man to help with maintenance


* Financial Contributions:

   - A lot of the work we do does not have someone one that is responsible for the account, financial contribution of any size goes a long

     way with helping us continue what we are so passionate about. The funds are used for rent, veterinary expenses such as medical

     supplies and purchasing food and cat litter when those donations are low.


     Account details:

     Account Name: F.O.U.R.  P.A.W.S

     Bank: Nedbank Fourways 168405 ,

     Acc number:  1684133556 ( 052-145-npo)


You are welcome to visit us at the shelter Saturday Afternoon and Sunday Mornings

    You will find us at Plot 4 Witkoppen road

       ( Chef & Fat Man property)


If you would like more information on how you can help, please dont hesitate to contact us.

    Shelagh 082 892 1269

    Bluebush Animal Clinic 011 462 5839

    Melanie 084 958 8073

    Samantha 076 9080637